We can take charge of the translation of all types of documents, glossaries, specifications or projects related to the materials sector. This field includes documentation linked to machinery, installations and systems for the manufacture of materials based on concrete, lime, plaster or cement; prefabricated concrete elements or machines, installations and systems for the manufacture of asphalt, mortar, plaster y slabs.

It also includes documents linked to machines, installations and systems to manufacture sand lime and clay bricks, construction products using electrical plant waste (fly ash, slag, etc.), installations and systems to produce plasterboard and the handling and packaging of all kinds of materials. In addition to industrial software tools and control and automation systems.

Machinery and equipment

We translate manuals, guides and documents about machinery and equipment.

The subjects in the translation work related to this field are very varied. They range from manuals about building work vehicles and machinery to lifting equipment and special systems.

This also includes all those aspects linked to the handling and processing of concrete and mortar at building sites, formwork, scaffolding and building site work systems and installations.

Mining, extracting and processing raw materials

BLUE TRANSLATIONS S.L. is an expert in the translation of all types of documentation linked to mining and the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Ranging from machinery for the extraction of raw materials and mining to the handling of raw materials, processing technologies and operational plans.

Suppliers of engineering and others services

Engineering, tendering and contract document translation.

This field includes sectors that range from automation, drive, liquid and testing technologies to mechatronics, electromechanical and robotics engineering. This field also includes design tools, tenders, contracts, documentation, specifications and standards.

We also process documentation related to measurement, regulation and control technologies, communications, navigation, occupational health and safety, software tools and industrial control and automation systems.

Infraestructure, energy and transport

We also pride ourselves on our expertise in translations related to infrastructure, energy and transport.

We specialise in the translation of documents about land, sea and air transport infrastructures and energy, hydraulic, construction, health, education and recreational infrastructures as well as those linked to telecommunications.

We also translate projects related to earth-moving, construction and maintenance equipment and machinery used to build roads, railway lines, ports, bridges and tunnels.

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