We translate any type of document to any language. We can translate your user manuals, technical documentation, promotional material, standards and specifications, product and service catalogues, software or tendering documents into any language. We specialise in offering linguistic services to companies active in sectors like construction, engineering, energy or transport.

Legal Translations

Blue Translations uses the services of sworn or certified translators appointed by the relevant bodies. Our network of contributors includes many professional translators and interpreters certified to bear witness to the authenticity and faithfulness of any type of translation. A legal translation is delivered as a paper copy with the signature, stamp and apostille of the legal translator. Translations that have been legalised in this way can be presented at any public or private organisation (ministries, courts, civil-law notaries and consulates).


We can correct, review and edit your documents. Blue Translations can correct, review, edit and make any type of specialist document perfect regardless of whether the document is an original, a translation or a glossary.

Linguistic Consultancy

We can provide advice on what you may need. Blue Translations can provide advice and resolve doubts regardless of the language. We can also offer assistance in areas related to your activities such as the creation of content, producing advertisements, trademark checking, technical documentation production, editing services or publications. We can assist if you have any doubts or need advice.


We can transcribe your audio files. Blue Translations can digitally transcribe any type of audio that has been recorded such as, for example, during meetings or conferences. The transcription can also include the translation of the transcribed contents if required.

Terminology management

We create multilingual glossaries. We produce, update and review glossaries to guarantee the consistency of future translations to ensure that the essential concepts do not change.


Blue Translations uses the services of the highest trained interpreters. Our network of interpreters are at your service for presentations, meetings, trade fair visits or any other event for either simultaneous or escort interpreting.

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